Caledon Public Library

FAQs about the Belfountain Lockers

What are the Belfountain Hold Lockers?

This innovative new service allows customers to request items from the library catalogue and then have them sent to the locker location in Belfountain to pick them up from there.

How do I get materials sent to the lockers?

When you are placing a hold on the library catalogue choose Belfountain Lockers as your pick up location!

Why do I have to receive notification of material pick-up via email in order to use this service?

The lockers are located in the Belfountain Community and can be accessed 24/7 with the key code to the door to get into the building. This code is sent to you via email that notifies you that your materials are ready to be picked up.

Do I need my card in order to pick up my materials?

Yes, just like any CPL location, you will require your card and will be prompted by the screen on the lockers to scan your card and then follow the directions to get your materials from the lockers.

Can I return materials at the lockers?

Yes, again, just follow the prompt on the screen and there is a slot that will open in order to return materials.

What if I scan my card and the locker doesn’t open?

There may be a problem with your account or a problem with the lockers. In this case, please contact the Albion Bolton Branch to get further information.