Caledon Public Library

About Us

Public Library service has been provided continuously in the Town of Caledon since the establishment of the Mechanics Institute in Bolton in 1868. The existing system results from the amalgamation of the Caledon East Public Library (which previously absorbed the Mono Road Library Association), the Township of Caledon Public Libraries (comprised of the former Alton Mechanic's Institute, the former Inglewood Mechanic's Institute, the J.T. Thomas Memorial Library, and the Belfountain Public Library) and the Albion and Bolton Union Public Library. The initial meeting of Caledon Public Library Board was held in Caledon East on July 9, 1974.

Today, Caledon Public Library has six branches and holds lockers that serve as the cornerstones to the community, connecting people to information and each other.

Our Vision for the Future

Caledon Public Library is a vital service and vibrant community space.

Our Mission

Caledon Public Library is a hub for discovery, innovation and inspiration. We nurture connections, collaboration and creativity.

Our Core Beliefs

Service Excellence

We understand that every decision we make affects how people experience the library. We support staff as they introduce new services and lead change and are committed to making improvements to serve you better.

Lifelong Learning and Literacy

We recognize the importance of literacy and know that the desire to learn and grow is lifelong. We provide the tools to help you achieve your many goals.

Innovation, Intellectual Freedom and Creativity

We encourage intellectual and artistic curiosity and support your right to both seek and receive information from all points of view without restriction.

Community and Partnership

We value team work, partnerships and shared successes. We are committed to a strong and growing Caledon.

Diversity and Equity

We appreciate your individual needs, experiences and cultures and provide fair and respectful access to all.

Integrity and Accountability

We respect the need for fiscal and environmental sustainability. We are committed to informed planning and responsible stewardship.