Caledon Public Library

Module 1 - Getting Started with Block Coding Basics

Getting started with Block Coding Basics

Start date: Saturday June 30

  • Create a STEM Village account here. To get started you will need a valid Caledon Public Library card and an email address.
  • Sign up as a parent: parents must create a parental account before adding each child to that account. Fill in the required information (parent’s name, email address and password) and check the Terms of Use box before clicking sign up.
  • Validate your parental account: you will receive an email asking you to validate your account. Click “Activate Account” and you will be redirected to the STEM Village website.
  • Link your account to your library card: On your first login you will be asked to enter your 14-digit library card with no spaces.
  • Set up your dashboard/ students accounts: Add a student. Enter the relevant information. Make sure to record your username and password so you do not forget. From the parental account you will be able to see the progress that your child is making through the STEM Village tutorials but you will not be able to view the videos/ activities.
  • Log out of your account. Close the browser. Open the link above and login using the student account. Your child is ready to continue to the next step.
  • Create a account
  • Fill in the relevant information. Make sure you record your username and password for
  • Coding is important and touches many parts of our lives! Watch the following two videos from STEM Village to learn how coding has influenced these famous people. If you are asked to log in to STEM Village use the student account.
  • What most schools don’t teach you
  • Why is coding important to you?
  • Block Coding Basics 1: Manipulatives
  • We are going to start with the basics of block coding. You will need your login for STEM Village and for these lessons. Works your way through the learning stages listed below one at a time (without skipping steps). Each Learning Stage has a video and interactive component. When you open the interactive component you will need to close the popup window that opens to access the tutorial.
  • Complete Learning Stages I through V on STEM Village

 **When you are ready to launch the interactive component read the description on the launch bar to see which coding activities to complete.

  1. Complete the Skill Test at the end of the Final Learning Stage
  2. Stop by the Tech Tables (Albion Bolton Branch- Fridays 10:30-12:00 or Margaret Dunn Valleywood – Mondays 2:30-4:00) to share what you’ve learned or ask questions
  3. Don’t forget to log your learning experience and gain a ballot into the grand prize draw

Form for Contest Submission