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Module 2 - Binary Decoding and Block Coding Basics

Binary Decoding and Block Coding Basics

Start date: Saturday July 21

Welcome to module 2 of the STEM Village Club and Contest. If you are just joining the STEM Village Club now please start by working your way through module 1. You will need to complete all the learning activities for module 1 before continuing through the following tasks. In this module we will be learning about block coding in more detail. Please work through the following learning activities and complete the binary decoding activity.

Binary numbers consist of only two digits, 0 and 1. This seems very inefficient and simple for us humans who are used to working in base 10, but for a computer base 2, or binary, is the perfect numbering system. This is because all calculations in a computer are based on millions of transistors that are either in an on position, or an off position. So there we have it, 0 for off, and 1 for on. The following exercise lets us experiment with binary decoding and helps us understand how computers process information.

  • Using the BINARY CODE KEY from the handout, decode the two messages provided
  • Once you have successfully decoded the messages, create a new binary message of your choice to share.


  • Stop by the Tech Tables (Albion Bolton Branch- Fridays 10:30-12:00 or Margaret Dunn Valleywood – Mondays 2:30-4:00) to share what you’ve learned or ask questions
  • Don’t forget to log your learning experience and gain a ballot into the grand prize draw

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