Caledon Public Library

Patronato INAS (Canada)

Patronato INAS in partnership with Caledon Public Library is pleased to offer weekly outreach services from the Albion Bolton Branch - Community Corner

  SATURDAYS | Albion Bolton Branch - Community Corner | 10 am - 4 pm 


The services offered are as follows:

Assistance with pension and benefit applications including:

  • Old Age Security Pension (OAS)

  • Canada Pension Plan Retirement Pension (RTR/CPP)

  • Canada Pension Plan Disability Benefits (DSB/CPP)

  • Canada Pension Plan Survivor's Pension (SRV/CPP)

  • Canada Pension Plan Death Benefit (DTH)

  • Child Rearing Drop-Out Provision (CRP)

  • Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS)

  • Spouse's Allowance (SPA)

  • Widow's Spouse Allowance (WSPA)


Assistance with foreign pension applications from countries including:

  • Italy

  • Argentina

  • Germany

  • England

  • France

  • Poland

  • Switzerland

  • The United States

  • Belgium

  • Australia


Assistance with other services such as:

  • Contributory Periods search

  • Family benefits

  • Unemployment

  • Work-related injuries

  • Welfare assistance

  • Requests for Italian documents

  • Equivalence of foreign educational credentials

  • Intermediary between the Italian Consulate and the Italian Community

  • Completing non-pension/benefit applications such as: Canadian Citizenship, PR Card, Canadian Passports and Immigration


Providing information regarding topics such as:

  • Health care

  • Re-entry and establishing residence in Italy

  • Fiscal agreements between Italy and host countries

  • Canadian, Italian and other foreign legislation

  • Your rights and to what you could be entitled


For more information, please visit the Patronata INAS website