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2012 Winners


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Adult Short Story

1st Place – Elaine Coish (Nigel)

2nd Place – Jeanne Bannon (The Call of the Sea)          

3rd Place – John Steckley (The Last Dying Man)



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Elizabeth Scavetta Memorial Teen Short Story

1st Place – Michael Tepper (Teen Spirit)

2nd Place – Joseph Roque (Weeping Willows)

3rd Place – Taite LaGrange (Dreamer)


Children Short Story Winners


Children Short Story

1st Place - Sydney Russo (Where Stars Invade the Flag)

2nd Place – Jeremy Downey (A Three Thousand, Seven Hundred and Three Kilometer Dragon Hunt)

3rd Place – Kyle Rocchi (The Adventures of Gilbert the Cow)


Adult Poetry Winners


Adult Poetry

1st Place – Elaine Coish (November)

2nd Place – Caroly Landry (Sunrise)

3rd Place – Patricia Lawrence (Grieving)


Young Adult Poetry Winners


Young Adult Poetry

1st Place – Joseph Roque (I Hold the Moon)

(Only one submission for this category.)


CCC Group Photo


Photography Winners


Pictured here:  Marty Harrison (Past Friends President), Shannon Stocks (1st Place - Photography) and Doug Maskell, Friends President


1st Place – Shannon Stocks (The Eiffel Tower)       

2nd Place – Stephanie Miller (Sink Into Your Spidey-Senses)          

3rd Place – Katelyn Norrie (Butterfly)               

3rd Place – Priya Kaur Aujla (The Mighty Pencil)                    

3rd Place – Nadia Noble (The Drip)

3rd Place – Andrea Pesevski (Peaceful Getaway)      


Young Reels Winners


Young Reels

Are you a young director interested in seeing your film up on the big screen? If you fancy yourself a young Spielberg, then we want you and your film!! Caledon Public Library is excited to bring you this annual film festival event for youth ages 14 to 18. You are invited to create a short film using drama, documentary, animation, or any other genre.


2012 Winners:

Best Special Effects - Klaymotion Bullies by Daniil Bychkow, Justin Kieraszewicz, Andrew Zunic and Alex Prosperio

Best Public Service Message - We Are All Equal by Matthew DeDios

Best Direction - The Book Thief by Kirsten Clark and Julie Dranitsaris

Critic's Choice & Audience Favourite - Tales of Revenge by Jonnie Simpson and Dan Usher


Young Reels 2013 Competition Information

Age:  14 - 18 years

Format:  Short film using drama, documentary, animation, claymation or any other genre.

Film submission deadline:  January 31, 2013.

Screening:  Thursday, February 28, 2013 - Empire Theatres, Bolton

Submission Requirements:  Guidelines and Submission Forms 2013