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And the winners are....

Friends of Caledon Public Library is pleased to sponsor library contests to celebrate aspiring authors, poets and photographers in our community.  Click*Create*Celebrate is a compilation of all the library's contests.  They include:  Adult Short Story, Elizabeth Scavetta Memorial Teen Short Story, Children's Short Story, Adult Poetry, Young Adult Poetry, Photography (all ages) and Young Reels. 

Click*Create*Celebrate 2013 magazine


Adult Short Story (ages 18+ years): 

      1st place:  Suicide Prevention by Al Linkunaitis

      2nd place:  Memories of Wondergirl by Patricia Lawrence

      3rd place:  The Calling by Elaine Coish


Adult Poetry (18+ years):

      1st placeRed by Goldie Millar

      2nd placeUntitled by Harry Posner

      3rd place:  Rain by Sarah Leeves


Elizabeth Scavetta Memorial Teen Short Story:

      1st place:  Ghost by Haleigh Ryan

      2nd place:  Dreams In Which I'm Flying by Joseph Roque

      3rd place:  The Conspiracy by Jeremy Downey

      3rd place:  The Choice by Jessica Ho


Young Adult Poetry (12 -18 years):

      1st place:  The Thing About Love by Joseph Roque

      2nd place:  Tobacco by Melissa Gatti

      3rd place:  Flames by Jocelyn Coulombe


Children Short Story (6 -12 years):

      1st place:  Something To Hold On To by Sydney Russo

      2nd place:  The Prankster by Mason Emily Agostino

      3rd place:  The Case of the Missing Puppy! by Emily Vilela


Photography (all ages):

     1st place:  A Spring Walk by Domenic Maggi

     2nd place: Land of the Golden Sand by Tia Jalilian

     3rd place:  Peaceful Retreat by Erika Dannell

     3rd place:  At Peace with Nature by Sandra Simone

     3rd place:  The Bell Tower by Enzo Villa


Young Reels 2014


Best Special Effects

  • Lost Memories - Brandon Fallon, Jeff Yo, Jesse Morgenroth-Rebin

Best Public Service Message

  • Venus: The Eye of the Storm - Jennifer Li , Simran Purba

Best Direction

  • Fool’s Paradise - Simoon Moshi, Enitan Oyesile

Critic’s Choice

  • The Intern - Brandon Fallon, Cole Cyr, Jesse Morgenroth-Rebin

Audience Favourite

  • The Intern - Brandon Fallon, Cole Cyr, Jesse Morgenroth-Rebin


Competition Information:

Age:  14 - 18 years

Format:  Short film using drama, documentary, animation, claymation or any other genre.