BOOK CLUB IN A BAG Looking for your book club's next read?

Do you have a book club with your friends?

Check out our borrowable Book Club in a Bag sets:

  • each set contains 10 or more copies of the book, a discussion guide, and audiobook, large print edition and/or DVD copies when available
  • sets can be loaned for an eight (8) week period
  • no renewals; however, an extended loan period may be considered with advance notice at the discretion of Information Services Coordinator Paul Ornstein
  • sets will be ready for pick-up no earlier than three business days after you book them
  • responsibility of the set will be with the patron that checks the set out under their own card
  • charges for damaged or lost materials is the library’s replacement cost for the item plus a $3 processing fee
  • Can’t get enough book club fun? Consider joining one of the library’s clubs!

STEP ONE Select Your Book

Click the button below to review the inventory of our Book Club sets.  We recommend making a list of 3 or 4 sets that might interest your group, since some sets might already be in use with another Book Club.   You can also download the Book Club Discussion Guide for use with your group.

STEP TWO Review Available Dates

Click on the Book Club Availability button below to open up a Google spreadsheet that will show the available dates for each book set.  Make a note of this date, so that you can submit a request for the set 3 days before pickup. 

STEP THREE Submit Your Request

Reserve a Book Club in a Bag

Note: please check form after submission for confirmation.

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