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Donate to our seed library

A gardener holds seeds in their gloved hands

Caledon Seed Library is a free community-led seed-saving initiative that is committed to conserving Caledon’s rich agricultural ecosystem by preserving local plant varieties through the distributing, growing, nurturing, harvesting and sharing of seeds.

Donate your seeds to the Caledon Seed Library to continue to GROW the collection.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!


  1. Pick-up free seed-saving envelopes available at all branches
  2. Add a few fully dried seeds, seal and fill in the label on the envelope
  3. Return seed envelopes to any branch in-person or place in book return dropbox

Unpackaged bulk seeds – Let us help!
Drop-off your fully dried, harvested seeds at any branch in-person or place in book return dropbox and staff will be happy to package them

Please include the following information with your donation:

  • Seed name
  • From the garden of (first name)
  • Location of harvest & year harvested
  • Planting season: later winter | spring | summer | fall
  • Sun requirements: full sun | part sun | part shade | full shade
  • Soil requirements
  • Height, flower colour and other information you feel would help a fellow gardener

We are pleased to announce our community partner, Albion Hills Community Farm at 16555 Humber Station Road, will also be accepting seed donations in support of the collection

Read our brochure to learn more about our Seed Library