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Dungeons & Dragons Virtual Gaming Club

Dungeons and Dragons Virtual Gaming Club

Roll the dice and join our Dungeons & Dragons Virtual Gaming Club!

 Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) is a tabletop role-playing game where players create their own characters and go on adventures. Players communicate and work together to overcome obstacles and advance further in the game, making new friends along the way. For D&D Online, players will use free internet programs to play the game and connect with each other in real time, no downloads necessary. A computer with an internet connection is required to participate in this program.

Who can participate?
Our regular D&D club is open to teens 13-17. Space is limited, so make sure you register for the program using the contact form below, or call us at (905) 857-1400 x239

What if I’ve never played D&D before?
That’s perfectly fine! We welcome everyone to join our club regardless of previous experience with the game. Our staff and other club members will be happy to help you learn how to play. You can also learn the basic rules of the game here.

How does the online club work?
We will meet online monthly.  There are three web applications we will be using: Discord and Roll20 and D&DBeyond.  Discord is an online app that allows people to communicate over the Internet.  We will connect to Discord during our sessions for a group call where everyone in the group can speak and hear each other.  We will also use Discord to post announcements and updates during the week. Roll20 is the web application we will use to play D&D online. D&DBeyond is the web application we will use to keep track of our character sheets and roll the dice. Beyond20 extension for Chrome and/or Firefox will be required to seamlessly integrate between roll20 and D&D Beyond and can be found here.  It allows players to roll dice, keep track of their characters, and much more.  Players will need to create accounts for both Discord and Roll20 to participate in our club. A D&D Beyond account is strongly recommended.

Are these websites secure?
Yes.  On both Discord and Roll20, players will be in a closed, private group– not viewable by other users.  Only players, staff members, and approved library volunteers will be able to join the group calls and game sessions.

What do I need to play?

  • A PC/Laptop/Mac/Chromebook. Chromebooks can struggle, and tablets do not work.
  • A modern browser. Chrome or Firefox are recommended
  • Discord, with headphones and a microphone. 
  • Webcam is optional, but adds to the experience.
  • D&D Beyond account is recommended 
  • Beyond20 extension for Chrome or Firefox is recommended along with D&D Beyond
  • A virtual token (We recommend using a bright outline)
  • A character sheet to keep a record of your character’s abilities, skills, equipment and stats
  • If you’re new to the game, you may want a list of rules for reference

How do I sign up?
Register for our Dungeons and Dragons Virtual Gaming Club by filling out the form below. 

Players should be sure to have their parent’s or guardian’s permission before signing up.  We will then contact you with details on how to create Discord and Roll20 accounts.  You will also receive an invite that will allow you to join our closed groups on Discord and Roll20.