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Community Information Sharing


Libraries are known to be the hub and heart of communities – when people are searching for information, libraries are one of the places in which people still ask questions and expect to find answers.

Is your non-profit organization planning an event, promoting a program or service that is available to Caledon residents? Consider Caledon Public Library to be one place that can help you spread the word.

The number of materials displayed for any group or organization will be limited at the discretion of the Library. The Library reserves the right to assess the suitability and relative importance of submitted display materials and may refuse to display some materials. The length of time that materials are displayed is subject to demand and space availability up to a maximum of 14 days.

Who Can Use These Services?

Non-profit organizations from Caledon and surrounding areas. Priority will be given to non-profits serving Caledon residents and services and events delivered within Caledon.

*Albion Bolton, Alton, Caledon Village, Inglewood and Margaret Dunn Valleywood branches have limited space for for-profit businesses and individual residents.

This is a free service for local non-profit organizations reflecting our vision, “to be the heart of our community – building and connecting a thriving, engaged and informed Caledon.”

Questions ? Please contact