Let’s go green together!

Caledon Public Library provides the opportunity for citizens to “reuse” through borrowing materials or through access to more than 2.5 million digital resources including online newspapers, magazines and books. By providing more items online, CPL makes it possible to reduce our community’s carbon footprint. 

Have items that you need to recycle? CPL accepts the following:

  • All Branches:
    • Batteries (Both alkaline and button cell)
    • Printer Ink Cartridges
  • Albion Bolton & Caledon East Branches:
    • Used cell phones
    • Mp3 Players
    • Adapters
    • Portable Devices
    • Digital Cameras

Caledon Public Library also reduces its carbon imprint by supporting The Friends of Caledon Public Library Book Sale.

Please note that we are not currently accepting book and material donations due to Covid-19.
For donation criteria and other information about the donation process, please visit our donations page.

Caledon Public Library enthusiastically endorses and supports local recycling groups – ecoCaledon and Stewardship Ontario.

For all other items not listed for collection by Caledon Public Library, please visit the Caledon Recycling Centre (CRC) for safe disposal.

Stewardship Ontario:  

Since establishing our partnership in March 2010, Caledon Public Library has recycled over 10,000 spent batteries!  Stewardship Ontario is a not-for-profit organization that is funded and governed by the industries and organizations (our stewards) that make and market the products and packaging materials managed under Ontario’s Blue Box and MHSW programs. Recycled products include oil containers, unused paint containers, in addition to batteries.  Stewardship works to keep all of this material out of the landfill and to recover its full value at the end of its useful life.  We recycle batteries at all seven branches.

ecoCaledonToronto and Region Conservation Authority   

ecoCaledon (formerly Citizens for a Clean Caledon) is an environmental action group of volunteers established by the Town of Caledon in 1995. ecoCaledon proudly promotes programs designed to enhance and protect Caledon’s environment.  Such programs include battery recycling, rain barrels, education, Green Directory, Healthy Lawns Healthy People and Clean Air Clean Energy.  Caledon Public Library partnered with ecoCaledon by designing and painting a rain barrel to promote water conservation.  Caledon’s Second Annual Rain Barrel Artist’s Collection is co-sponsored by the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority.  Caledon Public Library will again celebrate its conservation efforts by displaying a painted barrel at the Albion Bolton Branch.

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Albion Bolton Branch (AB)
150 Queen Street St. S
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Alton Branch (ALT)
35 Station St.
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Belfountain Lockers (B)
17204 Mississauga Rd.

Caledon East Branch (CE)
6500 Old Church Rd.
In Robert F. Hall School
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Caledon Village Branch (CV)
18313 Hurontario St.
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Inglewood Branch (ING)
15825 McLaughlin Rd.
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Margaret Dunn Valleywood Branch (MDV)
20 Snelcrest Dr.
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Southfields Village Branch (SFV)
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