Local Teen Creates Signage to be Showcased in Caledon Public Library’s Albion Bolton Branch

Caledon, ON – Caledon Public Library’s (CPL) Albion Bolton branch recently went through a renovation, including a redesign of the Teen space in the library. Hoping to add a creative spin to the Teen section, CPL reached out to local youth who had submitted artwork for the library’s Fan Art Contest for their signage design ideas.

“As part of our Artful Caledon initiative, we are seeking ways to include local artists in some of our ongoing projects including this signage process,” says Colleen Lipp, CEO & Chief Librarian of CPL. “We were looking for functional art that was decorative and would create a unique sense of place for our teen area.”

Creative submissions were received, with the artwork of local teen, Claudia, chosen as the favourite, to be produced into a four-foot by six-foot (121.92 x 182.88 cm) sign. “I was elated and my family was super happy for me”, says Claudia. “I love creating art and am always looking for more opportunities to do so. After reading the requirements for the sign, I got very excited as I have never created art for something at such a grand scale. I knew that I wanted to submit something fun that captured the multiple interests of teens.”

The Friends of Caledon Public Library, a non-profit, volunteer organization that supports and enhances library services in the Caledon community, awarded Claudia a stipend of $150 for her work.

What’s next for Claudia? “In the future, I hope to study biomedical engineering, neurosciences or aerospace engineering. My favourite courses are math and art, and I always considered careers that follow the more math side of things,” says Claudia. “After creating the artwork for the Albion Bolton Branch, I realized that having art be included in my career would also be great and I have been looking for more opportunities to create since!”

Visit CPL’s Albion Bolton branch to view Claudia’s work, printed and installed by local signage company, Motive Media, and the branch’s new look, if you haven’t already.

Local artists are encouraged to watch caledon.library.on.ca for future opportunities for public art installations at CPL’s branches.