Read Local, Caledon!

Caledon has so much to offer in terms of local gems. We’ve all got our favourite local parks and trails, restaurants, farms, spots, and shops that we recommend to our out-of-town friends. But we’ve also got all kinds of home-grown talent in Caledon as well, and today we’re shining the spotlight on our local authors.

The books written by Caledon’s local authors cover the gamut, and include local history, fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and memoir. There are books for all ages and stages, and even some classics (did you know Farley Mowat lived in Palgrave?).  Some books feature Caledon as a central character, while others take us on journeys around the world.

You can find information about our local authors through the Artful Caledon portal, and you can find books by local authors in the library catalogue by searching “Read Local Caledon”. And if you are a local author or creative, find out how you can become a part of our Artful Caledon community!