Celebrate Canada!

Oh Canada! On July 1st Canadians across the country and around the world unite to show our pride in our history, culture and achievements.  Celebrate Canada all month long with some of these wonderful Canada-themed picture books!


Thank You, Canada by Andrea Beck

Thank You, Canada celebrates our country’s myriad strengths. Joyful, detailed spreads bring out the varied flavours of Canada, in its culture, people, nature and contributions to the world.

Thank You, Canada allows kids to explore connections and think about what it means to be Canadian ― it’s a joyful letter of gratitude for all our country has to offer, past, present and future.




Carson Crosses Canada by Linda Bailey

Feisty Annie Magruder and her dog, Carson, live in British Columbia, Canada, and they’re setting out to visit her sister, Elsie, in Newfoundland. In their little rattlebang car, packed with Carson’s favorite toy, Squeaky Chicken, and plenty of baloney sandwiches, Annie and Carson hit the road! They travel province by province, taking in each unique landscape and experiencing something special to that particular part of this vast, grand country. For example, they marvel at the beauty of the big, open sky — and grasshoppers! — in Saskatchewan and discover the gorgeous red earth and delicious lobster rolls in PEI, before finally being greeted by Elsie — and a surprise for Carson!



A Long Way Home by Jean Little

Jane and Maya are very different. Maya is a quiet girl and a refugee, new to this country, while chatty and outgoing Jane has lived in the same place her whole life. The girls become friends at school, where they learn about endangered species and decide to do their own small part to help by supporting migrating monarch butterflies. Together they plant a milkweed garden to feed and shelter the tiny creatures, then watch in amazement as the monarchs go through their life cycle before leaving on their long journey to Mexico. After all the butterflies have departed Maya finally speaks up about her own long journey to Canada and wishes the monarchs safety in their new home too.



C is for Canada by Michael Ulmer

Timed to coincide with Canada’s 150 anniversary of its confederation, this alphabetical tribute uses clever rhymes to showcase the symbols, history, and culture of this great nation. Includes topics such as Klondike Days and the Peary Caribou.




The Dancing Trees by Masiana Kelly

When one of his friends grows tired of his tall tales, Thomas has to prove how skilled he really is. He will spend a night alone in the forest, While Thomas sleeps the trees dance a dance that leave Thomas with a story to tell–if he is able to find his way home!