CPL Releases Growth Plan

Caledon, ON – The Caledon Public Library has recently unveiled its Comprehensive Growth Plan, outlining its vision and strategies for the future. With a focus on facility needs, this plan takes a long-term perspective, extending recommendations up to the year 2041.

To facilitate the development of the Comprehensive Growth Plan, the library engaged TCI Management Consultants. Their comprehensive approach included conducting a public survey that responses from over 1000 Caledon residents and businesses and interviews with community leaders. Results found that residents strongly desire the retention of smaller library branches in Alton, Caledon Village, and Inglewood. Feedback also recognized the value of online services and the need to expand both physical and digital collections. Keeping pace with available technologies and bridging the digital divide emerged as priorities.

“In tandem with our strategic plan, the Comprehensive Growth Plan ensures that the library is not only meeting the current needs of Caledon residents but also implementing strategies to keep pace with the community’s anticipated growth over the next 20 years”, says Colleen Lipp, CEO and Chief Librarian. “The decision to develop this plan was prompted by Caledon’s revised population forecasts, indicating the need for proactive measures to cater to the increasing demands of our community.”

One significant finding from the consultants’ analysis was that Caledon currently falls well below the recommended standards in terms of library space. An adoption of a space standard of 0.85 square feet per person was recommended, which is a notable increase from the current 0.51 square feet calculated for Caledon. This standard also includes meeting accessibility requirements and addressing the increased demand for public spaces for meetings and study.

The Comprehensive Growth Plan comprises of 14 key recommendations including the adoption of a four-stage growth plan, calling for the creation of 130,000 square feet of new library space to meet the needs for service in Caledon’s quickly growing urban areas over the next 20 years. Recommendations also reflect the Library’s commitment to serving Caledon’s rural and village communities and include, the implementation of open access technologies at the smaller branches and the introduction of popup or mobile services to underserved areas. The plan also explores opportunities to grow physical and digital collections and services in pace with the population and in response to demand for languages beyond English.

“The introduction of the Comprehensive Growth Plan demonstrates the Caledon Public Library’s commitment to serving its community and preparing for future growth”, states Tony Maxwell, Caledon Public Library Board Chair. “By addressing current and future needs and embracing innovative approaches, the library aims to enhance library services and respond to the evolving expectations of Caledon’s diverse population.”

To find the summary report along with the full comprehensive growth plan, visit the library website.