Breathe Easier with Caledon Public Library

Caledon, ON – Just how healthy is the air you’re breathing in your home?

To help find out, Caledon Public Library (CPL) has added new carbon dioxide monitoring technology to its Library of Things collection.

Per Health Canada, “Carbon dioxide is a gas pollutant found in indoor and outdoor air that can come from cigarette smoking, unvented or poorly vented fuel-burning appliances, by breathing and more. The presence of increased levels of carbon dioxide may have impacts on our general well-being, including fatigue and headaches, and difficulty concentrating.”

The new Aranet4 CO₂ monitors, generously provided by Community Access to Ventilation Information (CAVI), will generally indicate the quality of indoor air and how well ventilated an area is. The monitor’s readings could help inform decisions on whether improvements are required, like opening windows, swapping appliances, or reducing the number of occupants in a space.

“We appreciate Community Access To Ventilation Information for supporting the addition of the Aranet4 CO₂ monitors to our collection”, states Colleen Lipp, CEO & Chief Librarian. “They complement the radon detectors which are available in the Fall and Winter months, and kill-a-watt power monitors which are already are available through our Library of Things. We’re glad to offer yet another tool with which our customers can monitor the safety and efficiency of their homes.”

There are 10 Aranet4 CO₂ monitors available from CPL that can be borrowed for up to 21 days. For more information about CPL’s Library of Things, or to place a hold on a device, visit the library’s website.