New and Upcoming Inspiring Non-Fiction Reads

As much as we all enjoy a good novel, I have always preferred nonfiction. Whether it is a sweeping life history, humorous essay collection, or a powerful world critique that really gets you thinking. These reads can show us different cultures and histories, teaching us valuable and hard-won lessons about life, or just give us a glimpse into someone else’s life. So, if you enjoy a good nonfiction read checkout these new releases that I can’t wait to get my hands on.

book cover We were dreamers



We Were Dreamers: An Immigrant Superhero Origin Story Book by Simu Liu

Who hasn’t heard of Simu Liu. This Mississauga raised actor that was a favourite on Kim’s Convenience is now that face of Marvel superhero Shang-Chi. And now he has written his own origin story.



book cover we refuse to forget


We Refuse to Forget by Caleb Gayle

This read tells the little known story about of a Black chief, Cow Tom, who negotiated a treaty with the U.S. government that gave certain Black people citizenship rights within the Creek Nation. It is a complicated history shedding light on the racial dynamics within the Creek Nation, that is definitely worth a read.



cover art lost in the valley of death



“Lost in the Valley of Death” by Harley Rustad

From the author of “Big Lonely Doug” comes this adventure tale of the unsolved disappearance of an American backpacker in India. As a fan of the authors previous work, this is sure to be on my spring reading list.



book cover be a triangle



“Be a Triangle” by Lilly Singh

Lilly Singh is back with another inspiring primer on how to be your truest self and find happiness. As someone who enjoyed “How to Be a Bawse”, I can’t wait to delve into this sure to be funny and honest read.



book cover downton shabby


“Downton Shabby” by Hopwood Depree”

In this read, American tv producer, fulfills the dream of most Downton Abbey fans by purchasing his downtrodden ancestral home in the UK and attempting to restore it to it’s previous glory.




cover art making love with the land



“Making Love With the Land” by Joshua Whitehead

In this highly anticipated read  “Jonny Appleseed” author Joshua Whitehead explores Indigeneity, queerness, and the relationships between body, language and land.