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Don’t see the kind of program you’d like to attend on our calendar of events? Let us know! Tell us if you have program ideas, or if you would be interested in offering a program at Caledon Public Library.

Suggestions are evaluated according to our program policy, staff time, and budget considerations. To assist staff in their evaluation please provide as much information as possible about your suggestion. 

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Option 1: Share a Program Idea

Option 2: Offer to Run a Program

  • Please provide a title and brief description of the program, including length of program, equipment needs (if any) and if you wish to sell books or CDs at the conclusion of the program. Sales of any other kind are not allowed, with the exception of books or CDs.
    Is there a cost to the Library or participants associated with this program? Please note that the Library may opt to recover up to 25% of any participant fee to cover costs related to staffing, marketing etc.
  • Please summarize your previous experience and include any relevant website information or links.